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  • China Town

  • Minatomirai

  • Motomachi

  • Sankeien Garden

  • Red Brick WareHouse

  • and more...


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  • The Port of Yokohama was opened in 1859 as Japan's first modern international trade port and has now become one of the most famous cruise ports in Japan. The port, conveniently located within Tokyo Bay and surrounded by a rich assortment of tourist attractions, both modern and cultural, plays a vital role as the gateway port for metropolitan Tokyo as well as Eastern and Northern Japan.
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  • [Yokohama International (Osanbashi) Passenger Teminal]

    This unique and innovative terminal is able to meet the needs of the cruise industry in the 21st century while at the same time drawing the citizenry and the port closer together. It is a proud heritage for future generations, as well as a highly efficient and functional facility for visiting cruise ships.
    The hospitable services Yokohama provide through it, such as our welcome and farewell ceremonies that are versatile and flexible, are second to none in Japan.

  • [Daikoku Pier Cruise Terminal]

    Daikoku Pier Cruise Terminal opened in April 2019 to accommodate mega cruise ships that cannot sail under the Yokohama Bay Bridge, which clearance is 55 mtrs. With approx.
    5000 sq. mtrs newly built terminal building and exiisting cargo warehouse(s), it can accommodate a 220,000 GMT cruise ship.

  • [Shinko Pier Cruise Terminal]

    Shinko Pier Cruise Terminal opened in November 2019 as the third cruise terminal of Yokohama Port. The terminal complex was built by a PPP project by the City of Yokohama and the local business bodies and the terminal buildings consists of a hotel, shops and restaurants not only CIQ facilities.

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